SPH_0537_Web SPH_0548_WebHappy New Year everyone.  This marks 365 days, and the end of this “season” of 1aday.  The last hundred days have been particularly trying.  It felt like the end of a marathon  I hit the wall and I never really broke through, but I crossed the finish line.  I’ve been really happy with some of the work, and have absolutely hated some of it.  That’s just the nature of this project and a process of my creativity.

This is my second time making it to the end of One a Day, and it feels pretty great. (Slightly overshadowed by ominous undertones now that I looked and have uploaded 666 images this year.)  I’m taking a break from One a Day for a while, and I’m hoping on working on some bigger projects with a more focused direction.  I’ll be posting photos here sporadically and making posts, but there won’t be any daily postings.

Thanks for watching.  And kick ass this year.